Internships at Pfeiffer Vacuum

You’d like to see how the real world looks at our manufacturing site in Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH, Asslar, Germany? Then support our team and get to know the exciting corporate reality! With your talents, achievements and passion, you’re well equipped to get your feet wet in the real world. What counts: Ask questions, observe and help tackle the tasks. Regardless of whether your assignment at Pfeiffer Vacuum is at a desk, in a laboratory or in a workshop.

You should apply as soon as possible, indicating your desired starting date, as we have only a limited number of internships at Pfeiffer Vacuum available.

To prepare young people for a successful future, we also give school students the opportunity to get to know the company and the various types of jobs at Pfeiffer Vacuum by participating in an internship as part of their school education or course.

In contrast to an apprenticeship, an internship is for a shorter period of time, and its purpose is to provide an insight into day-to-day working life in that particular occupation. However, an internship is still a valuable asset in every résumé. It shows that you have already gained some practical experience and know what the job entails.

In a commercial internship at Pfeiffer Vacuum, you will gain an insight into the commercial processes which take place in the specialty department concerned. Pfeiffer Vacuum's technical internships take place in our training workshop. Basic skills (such as drilling, turning, filing, and grinding) are taught here.

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers advanced internships for enrolled students who are required by the course regulations of their college or school to demonstrate practice-related knowledge. We offer this type of internship for the fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

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