Application process at Pfeiffer Vacuum

Application submission date

Please always submit your application to Pfeiffer Vacuum a year ahead of your preferred starting date. Since the apprenticeship year/semester begins in August, the best time to submit your application is in August/September of the previous year.

Aptitude test

After your application has met with a good response on our part and we have made a preliminary selection, all potential apprentices who successfully passed the selection procedure will be invited to the Pfeiffer Vacuum recruitment test. The purpose of the recruitment test is to find out whether you have sufficient aptitude for the job.


The aptitude test will be followed by the application interview. It is important that you prepare yourself thoroughly for this interview!
Questions which you may be asked in the interview typically include:

  • Why do you wish to take up this particular work or learn this particular trade?
  • What do you think this job will be like?
  • What do you know about Pfeiffer Vacuum?

If you have successfully completed the application process, you will then be accepted as an apprentice.

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