Provisional Figures 2001

Pfeiffer Vacuum, Germany, announces provisional figures for the 2001 fiscal year. At EUR 170.1 million, consolidated sales were down 7.9 % from the previous year's level of EUR 184.7 million. Viewed on a regional basis, growth in Germany is especially noteworthy, with sales advancing by 13.2 % in 2001 to EURSTART_OF_TAGBREND_OF_TAG48.0 million (2000: EUR 42.4 million). Orders from the fields of optical and architectural glass coating played a major role in this connection. In the rest of Europe, sales declined only by 4.6 %, from EUR 59.3 million to EUR 56.6 million. The company suffered the greatest slump in the US, where sales fell by nearly 29 %, from EUR 62.9 to EUR 44.8 million. This decline was primarily attributable to the lack of orders from the semiconductor industry. Sales in Asia and the rest of the world rose by 4.0 %, from EUR 20.0 million to EUR 20.8 million. Resulting first and foremost from the decline in orders from the semiconductor industry, sales of turbomolecular pumps fell from EUR 83.7 million in 2000 to EUR 64.0 million in the year 2001. Sales of backing pumps declined moderately from EUR 24.1 million to EUR 22.3 million, while the service segmentSTART_OF_TAGBREND_OF_TAGrose by 3.5 %, from EUR 26.0 million to EUR 26.9 million. The development of business in vacuum components, gauges and mass spectrometers was encouraging, with sales increasing by 10.3 %, from EUR 43.5 million in 2000 to EUR 48.0 million in the year 2001. The advance in this segment was primarily fueled bySTART_OF_TAGBREND_OF_TAGsales of mass spectrometers and leak detectors for the analytical industry. The systems product segment - coating and leak detection systems - posted the strongest growth in sales, rising by 21.3 %, from EUR 7.4 to EUR 9.0 million.START_OF_TAGBREND_OF_TAGThe company does not anticipate significant sales in its newest line of business - DVD metalizers and complete lines for the production of DVD RAMs and DVD RWs - until the second half of 2002. At EUR 158.6 million, new orders for all of 2001 were down 19.4 % from the record level of new orders recorded in the yearSTART_OF_TAGBREND_OF_TAG2000 (EUR 196.8 million), yet they were still 7.4 % higher than the level of new orders in 1999 (EUR 147.7 million). In the US, alone, the volume of new orders fell from EUR 71.1 million in 2000 to EUR 39.2 million in 2001. Orders on hand on December 31, 2001, totaled EUR 26.3 million. Full financial results on March 19, 2002. Complete press release:

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