Application procedure

More and more applicants are opting to submit “paperless applications” over the Internet. While the classical physical application package has still not yet been put out to pasture, the electronic application process is simpler and faster. That’s why we prefer this form of application.

Before you get started, you should scan in your application documents. these will definitely include a letter of application, résumé, certificates, and letters of recommendation.

After you have sent them to us, you’ll receive a confirmation of receipt. In addition, we will immediately forward your information to the supervisor concerned, thereby speeding up the application process.

In order to be able to make a professional selection, we would like to get a comprehensive picture of your skills, abilities, qualifications and personality. That’s why it takes time to carefully review each application. Our objective is to respond to you within four weeks.

Here’s a tip: Include a personalized letter of application that will lend a personal note to your application.

Selection Process

What happens to your application documents after you’ve sent them off?
Upon receipt of your documents, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt.

Preliminary selection

Human Resources and the line department in question will compare your application documents with the job profile. We’ll naturally inform you as soon as possible if we are unable to accept your application. Should an unsolicited application be a good match for the job vacancy, we will include it in the further process.


Once you’ve taken the first hurdle in the form of the preliminary selection phase, an invitation to an interview will follow. In this interview, we’d like to learn more about your personal history and background, as well as about you, yourself. The interview will naturally also offer you an opportunity to obtain detailed information about the position in question and the company.

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