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The perfect application: Whether you apply electronically or in the form of a physical application package: Your application is always the key to a successful vocational change. The application – including a covering letter together with certificates and letters of recommendation – is initially everything that we know about you. Your application should therefore be structured so as to give us a clear picture of your qualifications and interests.

Please pay attention to this: Every application is something very special and personal. Yet it is essential that an application satisfies three formal requirements: It must be neat and orderly, its content has to be structured, and it has to be complete.

"Neat and orderly" means first and foremost: Thoroughly review what you’ve written to check for mistakes in wording, spelling and grammar. If you are not applying online, please ensure that you use protective packaging when mailing your application. Dog-eared corners and sticky notes don’t make a very good impression!

"Structured content" means: Briefly provide us with the key information in your letter of application: What job are you applying for? Why are you interested in this work? What makes you especially suited for this job. Your letter of application should spark the reader’s curiosity to read on. Your enclosed résumé should be in tabular form, beginning with your current status.

"Complete" means that your application includes a letter of application, a résumé, as well as all educational certificates and letters of recommendation.

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