Students and Bachelor/Master’s students

We will entrust you with important tasks, involve you in challenging projects and we will have an open ear for your suggestions. In other words: Ideal prerequisites for showing what you have to offer!

Start your career with a work-study program at Pfeiffer Vacuum!

Combine theory and on-the-job training: The advantages of this type of education and training are the particular practical orientation, the short time taken to gain a degree, and the prospect of taking up a responsible position at Pfeiffer Vacuum directly after the degree.

Together with the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences (THM), Pfeiffer Vacuum offers the following degree courses:

  • Engineering – specialty Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • Business Administration and Engineering – specialty Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • Business Administration and Engineering – specialty Technical Sales (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • Software technology (Bachelor of Science)

Theoretical periods at the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences alternate with on-the-job training at our company. During periods of on-the-job training, you gain experience of working in various departments at our company and get to know Pfeiffer Vacuum. You will always work on specific projects from the department concerned. This will give you the best possible preparation for your later professional life.


  • High school diploma/ entrance qualification for university of applied sciences
  • Marks for English and German not below “satisfactory“ and math mark at least “good“
  • No unexcused absences
  • Good technical understanding, enjoy tackling complex problems
  • Good grasp of English
  • Good ability to learn and perform well, able to work independently and show initiative and commitment
  • Team player

Degree program duration: 3 years – it is not possible to shorten the program duration.
More information on this degree program can be found on the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences website at

Find out more by clicking on Application procedure.

You are now approaching the end of your degree course and would like to round it off with a high quality thesis based on practical experience at Pfeiffer Vacuum? This is a logical step, since a practically oriented thesis is a decisive advantage that will set you up for your future career.
In consultation with your professor, we will define an interesting subject from our fields of work. This will allow you to benefit from the experience of highly qualified professionals.

For reasons of confidentiality, we are unable to mention all areas of our development work. Even if you do not find a specific topic here, please show initiative and ask us. In your application, you can also propose a subject that you are keen to pursue.

By the way: It goes without saying that while you are writing your practically oriented thesis, you will receive appropriate remuneration for a period of three to six months.


  • Good or excellent results during your degree course
  • Ability to work independently and show initiative and commitment
  • Team player

This program is geared mainly towards engineering graduates with a mechanical engineering or electrical engineering specialty.

The Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM) is a university of applied sciences with a current number of approx. 17,000 students. Since the summer semester of 2017, THM’s Giessen campus offers a Master’s degree program in “Vacuum Engineering,” the only program of its kind in all of Germany. This program provides students with the optimal qualifications for future careers as specialists or managers in companies employing vacuum technology. This does not only mean companies working with classic vacuum technology – it also includes those in the entire, broad scope of vacuum technology application.

More information on the program, course contents, and application can be found at

(Some pages are only available in German language)

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