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Compliance Key Areas

Compliance Key Areas

What is important to us

At Pfeiffer Vacuum, our most important areas of compliance are

  • anti-corruption,
  • competition law,
  • export control,
  • anti-money laundering
  • and data protection & information security.

In all areas, we comply with applicable laws and regulations and respect them as the legal basis for our business activities – in all of the countries in which we operate. We are also committed to following international guidelines.

At Pfeiffer Vacuum we are certain that the quality of our products and services is the key to our commercial success. We therefore treat all our business partners in a transparent manner and in accordance with the applicable anti-corruption standards and laws. Whenever and wherever we do business, we never resort to bribery or any other form of corruption.

Conflicts of interest, gifts, invitations, sponsoring and donations also come under the heading of anti-corruption.

Pfeiffer Vacuum is a performance-oriented Company that enjoys the benefits of opportunities and potential growth that come with fair competition. As well as constituting a breach of applicable law, violations of the competition law also damage the trust that customers, business partners and shareholders place in Pfeiffer Vacuum.
It is therefore of central importance to us that each individual employee’s conduct toward business partners, competitors and antitrust authorities complies with the rules of fair and appropriate business practices. All managers and employees must comply with the competition law in full.

Pfeiffer Vacuum undertakes to comply fully with the applicable national and international import and export regulations. We undertake not to restrict compliance with national and international trade legislation to processes in the supply chain, but to ensure compliance in all trade-related processes.

Pfeiffer Vacuum recognizes the importance of preventing money laundering and terrorist funding and is committed to taking precautions to avoid becoming involved in money laundering or terrorist funding activities.

Pfeiffer Vacuum undertakes to ensure that the personal data entrusted to the Company is protected against unlawful processing and misuse.
Information security also involves safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. The aim is to provide protection against dangers and threats and to prevent economic damage.

Data protection and information security are a top priority.

Be aware. Be brave. Be compliant.

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