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For us at Pfeiffer Vacuum compliance means more than respecting regulations and laws. Adhering to our ethical and moral principles as well as acting with integrity when dealing with our employees, customers, business partners and shareholders is the base of how we do business.

Be aware. Be brave. Be compliant.

Following this motto, we actively deal with the topic of compliance. In our personal day-to-day work each of us is confronted with diverse rules and laws. Whether internal occupational safety measures or competition laws are concerned, every employee, complying with them, contributes to the embodied compliance at Pfeiffer Vacuum and takes responsibility for it being an integral element of all our business processes.

Be aware.
But this is only possible, if we are aware of what compliance means for us, what it has to do with our business and what kind of behavior is consistent with applicable laws and our corporate culture.

Be brave.
Doing the right thing and standing up for it in daily business situations, is not always easy and can demand courage - but we are convinced, that this courage is worthwhile, because sustainable success and trust-based relationships to our customers and business partners can only be achieved, if we follow the existing rules. Of course this applies for all of us at Pfeiffer Vacuum. Anytime and anywhere.

I’m compliant. Be compliant as well.
Your Management Board of the Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG

Wolfgang Ehrk

Thilo Rau

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