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Report incident

Report incident

We have a “zero tolerance” policy towards violations
Our corporate culture is characterized by clear responsibilities and trust, and lawful conduct and fair competition form an integral part of our business activities. For this reason, we at Pfeiffer Vacuum have a “zero tolerance” policy towards non-compliance with laws, regulations, internal guidelines and our Code of Conduct.

We follow up on every indication
We investigate every indication or report of existing misconduct and impose punishments for violations using the means at our disposal. If compliance violations and justified suspicions are reported at an early stage, we can take action to avoid any damage to the Pfeiffer Vacuum Group and our business partners, employees and external stakeholders.

We offer our business partners, employees and external stakeholders the opportunity to report any justified suspicions.

Reports relating to incidents in European Union member states or reports recognized by whistleblowers within the European Union, can also be submitted to external reporting offices. You can find an overview here.

Be aware. Be brave. Be compliant.

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