Sustainability and energy efficiency as our company philosophy

The designs of efficient products with greatest benefit to our customers as well as the fulfillment of our ecological responsibility require our full commitment. Energy efficiency and the conscientious use of natural resources are the cornerstones of Pfeiffer Vacuum, which we live and work for every day. This philosophy can be found not only in the efficient vacuum solutions for our customers but also in every link of the value chain as well as in our employees’ attitudes.

As a guideline for every single employee and every working area, Pfeiffer Vacuum has established a comprehensive quality and environmental management system. Its guidelines constitute the way into the future. Furthermore, Pfeiffer Vacuum commits to different initiatives which are supposed to further support environmental protection and efficient use of raw materials.

Quality and environmental management system of Pfeiffer Vacuum

  • We are committed to protecting the environment due to the awareness we have of our responsibility. We take measures of our own accord to handle resources and the environment responsibly, while adhering to economic best practices.
  • When developing new vacuum solutions, we place strong emphasis right from the start on preventing waste during production, operation, and disposal. Where prevention is not possible, reusable or easily disposable materials are used as far as technically possible.
  • Compliance with statutory requirements is regularly audited within the Pfeiffer Vacuum management system in respect of new requirements and the efficiency of implemented measures.
  • We continually work on reducing hazards and risks in the production, storage, transport, and sales of our products to ensure the safety of our employees, stakeholders and customers. This also includes the disposal of production waste and packaging.
  • We promote the environmental awareness of the Pfeiffer Vacuum employees by providing appropriate information, instruction and training, and expect them to incorporate it into their daily work.

Specific goals

  • Reduction of our power needs
  • Reduction of our waste water quantity and load
  • Reduction of the amount of waste for disposal
  • Reduction of waste that requires monitoring, both for disposal as well as recycling
  • Reduction of the hazardous materials used
  • Reduction of solvent quantities
  • Reduction of overall raw material use

Precise success controlling

The measures taken are audited for suitability, adequacy and effectiveness in an annual controlling process by a general manager, based on the corresponding accountability report.

Components of the accountability report:

  • Consumption
  • Disposal amounts
  • Degree of accomplishment of company objectives
  • Summary of the results of audits performed
  • Suggestions for necessary measures

The environmental officer initiates immediate and corrective measures in case of noncompliance with threshold values and conditions, accidents, and knowledge gained from alarm drills.

Integrated management systems

Environmental protection
In regular follow-up audits, our environmental management system is audited by an independent certification authority and checked for compliance with the conditions set out in ISO standard 14001.

Quality management system
The measures of Pfeiffer Vacuum’s quality management system are also subject to recurring audits, to ensure compliance with the conditions set out in ISO standard 9001.

Product conformity
In order to guarantee the quality and safety requirements for our products, we comply with the directives and regulations that are applicable to development and production and are relevant to our markets.

These include

  • The CE marking for the European Economic Area
  • The UL (Underwriters Laboratories)/ CSA (Canadian Standards Association) test symbol for the American and Canadian markets
  • The SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) guidelines for compliance with the safety standards of the semiconductor industry.

Membership in the VDMA "Blue Competence" initiative

Pfeiffer Vacuum is a partner of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative. Blue Competence is an initiative of the Mechanical Engineering Industry with the aim of enhancing the efficiency in mechanical and plant engineering as well as increasing the sector´s awareness of sustainable solutions. With our partnership, we commit ourselves to adhere to the 12 sustainability guidelines of the mechanical engineering industry:


1. Sustainability is a crucial part of our company strategy.

2. We create solid business schemes with sustainable values and secure entrepreneurial success.

3. Our technologies and solutions promote worldwide sustainable developments.

4. Sustainable thinking and action are represented in our processes and products.

5. We act with consideration of resources and stand up for climate protection.

6. Our staff is our most valuable asset. We promote engagement and participation.

7. We stand up for keeping the human rights.

8. Our company is a habitat.

9. We take responsibility in our region.

10. We do, what we promise!

11. We actively cultivate the network with all participants.

12. We transparently communicate our sustainable action.

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