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Dr Evelyn Artmann is a development engineer at centrotherm clean solutions.
Dr Evelyn Artmann is a development engineer at centrotherm clean solutions.
Source: centrotherm clean solutions.

Dr Evelyn Artmann

My academic path began with studying chemistry at the University of Ulm in Germany, where I completed both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees with honors. I then worked as a research assistant until I completed my doctorate.

Since July 2023, I have been contributing my expertise to centrotherm clean solutions. As a development engineer, I am responsible for the characterization and optimization of existing systems and new developments, among other things. My job is very varied and involves analyzing and increasing efficiency, as well as identifying and adjusting parameters to reduce operating costs. This takes place both internally at the company and directly on the customer’s premises.

In my current position, I find the opportunity to regularly visit customers particularly appealing. This allows me to understand the behavior of our systems under real process conditions and thereby broaden my own perspectives. Chemistry and technology have always fascinated me, and it is exciting to be involved in the development of new innovations. I like the interdisciplinary cooperation with my colleagues at centrotherm clean solutions, as it promotes the exchange and integration of different points of view and enables optimal results.

My professional advancement is also very important to me, and I greatly value the fact that centrotherm clean solutions offers me various training courses. This reflects the company’s appreciation for the growth and development of its employees.

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