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Press Releases

Press Releases

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Pfeiffer Vacuum and its new subsidiary ATC present a wide range of CCIT technologies for pharmaceutical packaging

Leak testing with Mass Extraction (air) Leak testing with tracer gas Optical emissio...

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Opening of Pfeiffer Vacuum’s first Service Center in Malaysia

6,000 square foot building Built to support semiconductor and coating customers Late...

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Breaking ground for new state-of-the-art building at the headquarters of Pfeiffer Vacuum subsidiary in North America

New, two story 27,000 square foot building Service Center of Excellence Further expa...

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Pfeiffer Vacuum presents leak testing solutions for a variety of applications at Interpack and Control

Leak testing with air Leak detection with tracer gas Optical emission spectroscopy ...

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Leak testing innovations from Pfeiffer Vacuum

ASI 35 tracer gas leak detector ASM Pocket app Remote control for leak detectors ...

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Quadrupole mass spectrometer PrismaPro®

Low detection limit of <3E-15 hPa Easy integration into systems Intuitive PV MassSpe...

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