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New Intelligent Interface AccessLink for HiScroll® Series Pumps: Enhanced Comfort and Safety in operation


  • Fully automatic gas ballast valve
  • Vacuum safety valve
  • Fully automatic pressure control with integrated sensor

The HiScroll series from Pfeiffer Vacuum consists of three dry and hermetically sealed scroll pumps with a nominal pumping speed of 6 – 20 m3/h. These vacuum pumps are characterized not only by their high performance when evacuating against atmosphere but also by their very high energy efficiency that reduces their carbon footprint.

Pfeiffer Vacuum is now introducing its intelligent new accessory interface AccessLink, which permits the use of a wide range of optional accessories. Its presence is automatically detected by the HiScroll’s electronics. Before this, accessories had to be configured by hand. A uniform accessory interface of this kind enhances convenience and safety during operation.

A new gas ballast valve detects the specific process requirements automatically. The valve is controlled by the vacuum pump, either according to a specific time interval or depending on the inlet pressure, in conjunction with an additional accessory, the HiScroll integrated sensor RPT 010, which is available exclusively from Pfeiffer Vacuum. The automatic gas ballast valve can also be switched manually by a higher-level controller connected to the HiScroll or by the Pfeiffer Vacuum OmniControl.

The operating reliability is enhanced by the new vacuum safety valves. These valves prevent a pressure rise at the vacuum flange when the pump is switched off. This brings a notable increase in safety, particularly in the case of power outages. It also prevents any backflow into the vacuum chamber, including in the form of residual gas that may be present in the pump system. Delayed opening when the HiScroll starts up prevents a pressure surge towards the vacuum side, and this is particularly advantageous for high vacuum systems operated in combination with turbomolecular pumps, such as the Pfeiffer Vacuum HiPace.

Pfeiffer Vacuum scroll pumps from the HiScroll series
Pfeiffer Vacuum scroll pumps from the HiScroll series

The optional integral RPT 010 vacuum gauge ensures fully automatic pressure control. This minimizes pump wear and extends the maintenance intervals, while lowering electricity use and reducing the carbon footprint of the HiScroll.

As Fabian Böcher, product manager at Pfeiffer Vacuum, explains: “Proven Pfeiffer Vacuum quality, combined with the new accessories, ensures a long lifetime and reduces operating costs and the environmental impact. Easy pump maintenance makes for shorter service times and maximum availability. Its safe operation is guaranteed by the integrated safety valve at the outlet and the self-regulating operation of the pump.”

With these properties, HiScroll vacuum pumps are able to embrace numerous applications in the field of analytics, biomedicine, pharmaceuticals and research & development. These pumps are used in mass spectrometry, electron microscopy and surface analysis as well as in accelerators and laboratory applications, and are also found in semiconductor technology, coating or gas recovery.

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