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Pfeiffer Vacuum with strong order intake in first half-year of 2017

  • Sales 23.9 % up in first half-year of 2017
  • EBIT margin rose to 13.0 %
  • New orders 37.6 % over previous year
  • Acquisition of Nor-Cal underlines long-term growth course
  • Enlargement of board by appointment of Dr Ulrich von Hülsen

In the first half-year of 2017, Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG (“Pfeiffer Vacuum”) achieved sales of € 276.2 million (23.9 % over the previous year) and at the same time reached an EBIT of € 35.9 million (33.3 % over the previous year). The earnings per share for the period therefore amounted to € 2.52 (33.3 % over the previous year).

The figures at a glance:
Sales€ 276.2 m€ 222.9 m+23.9 %
Operating profit (EBIT)€ 35.9 m€ 26.9 m+33.3 %
Net income€ 24.8 m€ 18.7 m+32.9 %
Earnings per share€ 2.52€ 1.89+33.3 %
Order intake€ 318.5 m€ 231.5 m+37.6 %
Order backlog€ 114.6 m€ 73.3 m+56.3 %
Sales€ 139.3 m€ 113.3 m+23.0 %
Operating profit (EBIT)€ 14.6 m€ 14.0 m+3.6%
Net income€ 10.0 m€ 9.7 m+2.7 %
Earnings per share€ 1.01€ 0.99+2.0 %
Order intake€ 172.0 m€ 14.1 m+50.7 %

“The first half-year of 2017 was marked by a high intake of new orders. This is due in particular to the fact that we have participated in expanding production capacities in the semiconductor industry”, says Manfred Bender, Chief Executive Officer of Pfeiffer Vacuum. After a strong first quarter with an order intake of € 144.6 million, the company succeeded in increasing the volume to € 172.0 million in the second quarter (including the takeover of order backlog by Nor-Cal of € 14 million). Altogether, this represents growth of 37.6 % overall in the first half-year of 2017 compared to the previous-year period. Backlog totaled € 114.6 million at the end of the reporting period and thus reached a new record level. “The high level of orders in hand and the potential offered by recent acquisitions, above all Nor-Cal, will have a favorable effect on Pfeiffer Vacuum’s ongoing business performance during the current fiscal year”, remarks Bender confidently and adds: “Furthermore, we are operating more profitably. Compared to the previous year, we improved the EBIT margin by almost one percentage point to 13.0 %. It should be taken into account that the results include nonrecurring effects like consultancy fees related to the tender offer and the acquisition of Nor-Cal.”

The strongest sales growth by far is attained by Pfeiffer Vacuum in the Semiconductor market. Net sales here rose significantly by 59.0 % to € 107.2 million (H1 2016: € 67.4 million). In the Industry segment, sales increased by ...

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