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Pfeiffer Vacuum significantly increases EBIT margin to 15.6 percent

  • Q1/2017 sales up 24.9 percent from prior year
  • Q1/2017 EBIT margin increases by 3.8 percentage points
  • Order intake amounts to € 146.5 million
  • Impressive demonstration of long-term growth potential
  • High attendance necessary at Annual General Meeting on 23 May

Pfeiffer Vacuum generated sales in the amount of € 136.9 million (up 24.9 percent from the prior year) during the first quarter of 2017, achieving an EBIT of € 21.4 million (65.6 percent above the previous year's figure). Earnings per share for the quarter thus amounted to € 1.50 (up 64.8 percent from the prior year).

The figures at a glance:
Sales€ 136.9 m€ 109.6 m+24.9 %
Operating profit (EBIT)€ 21.4 m€ 12.9 m+65.6 %
Net income€ 14.8 m€ 9.0 m+65.6 %
Earnings per share€ 1.50€ 0.91+64.8 %
Order intake€ 146.5 m€ 117.4 m+24.8 %
Order backlog€ 81.9 m€ 72.5 m+13.0 %

"We actually surpassed our high expectations with the start into the year 2017", says Manfred Bender, CEO of Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG. "Compared with the same period last year, we significantly increased our sales and profitability, as our significantly higher EBIT margin of 15.6 percent goes to show. What stands out as particularly impressive is that all market segments and regions contributed to these strong results. The first quarter’s figures impressively demonstrate that Pfeiffer Vacuum is strategically, technologically and financially in a very good position to profit from the long-term growth potential in the vacuum industry as an independent enterprise. And with that, we offer attractive long-term prospects to our shareholders."

All market segments were able to significantly step up their sales performance: Sales in the Semiconductor market rose significantly by 53.4 percent to € 52.3 million (Q1/2016: € 34.1 million). In the Industry segment, sales were up 7.8 percent to € 29.7 million (Q1/2016: € 27.5 million). The Analytics segment grew by 14.8 percent to € 25.3 million (Q1/2016: € 22.1 million). The contribution from the Research and Development segment rose by 15.1 percent to € 14.4 million (Q1/2016: € 12.5 million). Sales in the coating segment climbed by 13.8 percent to € 15.2 million (Q1/2016: € 13.4 million).

All regions succeeding in increasing sales across all segments. First quarter 2017 sales grew by 15.5 percent to € 53.8 million (Q1/2016: € 46.6 million) in Europe. Sales in Asia improved markedly by 45.0 percent to € 53.1 million (Q1/2016: € 36.6 million). The Americas' contribution to sales increased by 13.7 percent to € 30.0 million (Q1/2016: € 26.4 million).

Breaking sales down by product groups, turbopumps accounted for a 25.4 percent increase with sales amounting to € 42.8 million (Q1/2016: € 34.2 million). Backing pump sales were up by 25.1 percent to € 34.0 million (Q1/2016: € 27.1 million). Instruments and components sales rose by 41.9 percent to € 30.2 million (Q1/2016: € 21.3 million). The Service business increased by 11.3 percent to € 26.7 million (Q1/2016: € 24.0 million). The Systems business posted 6.1 percent growth taking sales to € 3.2 million (Q1/2016: € 3.0 million).

New orders in the first three months of 2017 came to € 146.5 million, a substantial 24.8 percent increase compared to the prior year (Q1/2016: € 117.4 million). The book-to-bill ratio, the ratio of order intake to sales, remained ...

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