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We have installed control instruments that help us detect illegal actions and provide support for our compliance organization.

Critical business transactions are examined structurally and checked for compliance risks on a regular basis. Here, we benefit from close interlinking with the Risk Management and Internal Audit Departments.

We carry out internal audits that process and check the key areas of compliance. Systematic weaknesses and individual incidents can be identified in this way. Internal audits are conducted by an independent department, so that the “three lines of defense” are maintained.

At Pfeiffer Vacuum we provide various, confidential reporting channels. Our employees have the opportunity to report compliance violations by contacting their supervisor, the human resources department or the Compliance Officer responsible. They can also report violations by using the anonymous, web-based whistleblowing system, which we also use to receive reports from business partners and external stakeholders. Regardless of how we receive a report – we always follow it up.

Compliance program - Prevention

Compliance program - Identification

Compliance program - Action

Be aware. Be brave. Be compliant.

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