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Mission Statements

Mission Statements

Our customers

  • We want to be a dependable partner to them
  • We want to supply them with both high-quality individual products as well as innovative vacuum technology solutions
  • We want to offer them added value through a comprehensive, worldwide sales and service concept in line with the proven Pfeiffer Vacuum quality standards

Our employees and marketing partners

  • We want to use new products and supporting sales and marketing strategies to assure them competitive jobs and livelihoods long-term
  • We want to offer them the opportunity of participating in our decision-making processes, and help them understand our corporate objectives
  • We want to teach them entrepreneurship and contribute to their will to achieve by offering them a high level of self-direction

Our shareholders

  • We want to clearly communicate Pfeiffer Vacuum's past results to them, as well as its goals and prospects
  • We want to offer them a reasonable return on their invested capital, even in difficult times
  • We want to communicate to them that an investment on Pfeiffer Vacuum shares represents an investment in a financially strong, high-tech company that has great future potential

The society in which we live

  • We want to be convincing as a responsible company that embraces sustainability
  • We want to set a good example by maintaining high environmental, ethical and safety standards
  • We want to do our part by fostering science, culture, sports and social services
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