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Busch Group: Women and Careers in Assembly


June 23 was Women in Engineering Day – a day dedicated to celebrating women in engineering professions.

Our group of companies thrives on diversity and equality, as all genders are an integral part of our success. Female engineers contribute to the development of customized vacuum systems that are used worldwide in a wide variety of applications. With their ingenuity and sense of responsibility, our colleagues create solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers.

We want to take the opportunity to introduce some of our female colleagues and highlight the wide range of technical careers that the Busch Group offers. Join us in celebrating the remarkable contributions of women in engineering and explore the exciting career opportunities at the Busch Group.


Janine Lauscher leads two workshop teams at Pfeiffer Vacuum. Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum.
Janine Lauscher leads two workshop teams at Pfeiffer Vacuum.
Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum.

Janine Lauscher

I originally trained to become an automotive mechatronics engineer and went on to work in the job I had learnt for six years. In 2017, I took on a new professional challenge: as an installer at Pfeiffer Vacuum. I have now been working as a team leader for two years and am responsible for two teams with a total of 16 employees working in two shifts.

In my current role of team leader in final pump assembly, my responsibilities extend into the cleanroom and the assembly of the large turbomolecular pump. The diversity in my field of work inspires me every day. My core tasks include the careful planning and coordination of work processes, the organization of employee deployment and the responsibility for compliance with workplace safety regulations.

I particularly like the professional development opportunities offered to me and all interested colleagues at Pfeiffer Vacuum. These are optimal in our company: We place great importance on continuous qualification through further training and education. In this environment, everyone – regardless of gender – has the possibility to thrive and advance their career.

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