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Busch Group: Women and Careers in Engineering


Laura Abad is Head of Engineering at Busch Spain
Laura Abad is Head of Engineering at Busch Spain.
Source: Busch Spain.

Laura Abad

My name is Laura Abad, and my career began with studying chemical engineering at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. After graduating in 2005, I found my way to Busch Spain in 2006, a company known for its leading role in vacuum technology.

Today, as Head of Engineering, I experience the diversity and dynamics of my professional field every day. No two projects are the same; vacuum technology is used in countless applications, and I’m constantly learning. This great variety ensures that my work never gets boring.

I particularly appreciate the cooperation with my colleagues. We are a strong team, consisting of five project engineers, two designers, a buyer, a production engineer who forms the interface between engineering and the workshop, three workshop employees for assembly and, of course, our head of systems.

In my role, I am responsible not only for the design and construction of vacuum systems, but also for supporting the head of systems in coordinating and distributing the tasks. Together, we ensure that every project goes smoothly.

As a woman in the technology industry, I am treated as an equal. I feel valued and trusted by my boss and enjoy flexibility in my job. I am proud to be part of a company that not only offers innovative solutions but also creates a working environment where diversity and equality thrive.

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