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Pfeiffer Vacuum at the Battery Show 2024: Battery Leak Testing Assures Quality and Longevity


At this year’s Battery Show Europe, Pfeiffer Vacuum will exhibit state-of-the-art vacuum and leak detection solutions for advanced battery manufacturing and battery recycling.

Improved quality, high yield and reduced manufacturing and testing costs

There are several decisive factors for the functionality, high quality and safety of lithium-ion batteries. These include their integrity and impermeability to external influences such as penetrating moisture. For this reason, leak detection systems to test the batteries are incorporated in the battery manufacturing process. Vacuum and leak detection solutions from Pfeiffer Vacuum are integrated into such systems and help meet strict requirements. It is essential to achieve the required cycle time and deliver highly reproducible battery cell testing. These systems make it possible to quantify and localize even the smallest of leaks. Any such leaks can be eliminated rapidly in a downstream production stage. On the basis of the test results that are obtained, the geometries of the batteries can be changed, and improvements made to production methods and workflows. The benefits this brings include improved quality, higher yields, and savings in production and testing costs.

Essential leak detection and vacuum solutions from a single source

Pfeiffer Vacuum stands out with its wealth of expertise in the field of leak testing and vacuum technology. At stand E74 in hall 8, visitors to the Battery Show in Stuttgart can find out about leak detectors such as the ASI 35 as well as the GSD 350 quadrupole mass spectrometer. Mass spectrometers help to analyze the composition of any gases that develop. This allows conclusions to be made not only about the chemical processes but also about the quality of the cells. This is relevant for the battery formation stage. The Pfeiffer Vacuum portfolio is rounded off with vacuum pumps and vacuum components. These are known for their reliability at every stage of the production of lithium-ion batteries. The pump technology incorporated in the HiScroll ATEX offers enhanced explosion protection due to its safe structural design, hermetic seal and temperature monitoring.

ASI 35 Leak detector from Pfeiffer Vacuum
ASI 35 Leak detector from Pfeiffer Vacuum

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